Update on our 32nd season

Thanks Cory Smith for the interview and the recent article in the Beacon Herald. https://www.stratfordbeaconherald.com/news/local-news/razzamajazz-looking-for-assistance-as-it-prepares-to-entertain-for-32nd

We’re looking for someone to help steer the pontoon boat up and down the Avon River on summer evenings. And we’re also reaching out to local businesses and individuals to raise the necessary funds to keep The Razzamajazz on the water four nights a week and properly pay the talent that entertains locals and tourists. As of April 11, we have received $2,760. The goal is to raise $5,000 from the community, with the City of Stratford matching up to $4,000. Another $10,000 is needed to replace the boat’s gas motor with an electric model.

Ways to contribute:

♫ on our GoFundMe page

♫ by cheque payable to The Razzamajazz   (send to The Razzamajazz, c/o Dan Scarborough, 190 Lightbourne Ave, Stratford, ON  N4Z 1E1)

♫ by eTransfer to skipperdan65@gmail.com

All contributions, large and small are greatly appreciated!

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